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Ponytail Ribbons

Make wearing a ponytail fun again!  We use bold, festive colors matched with fun, whimsical patterns to add flair to your hair!  

We have taken ribbon and securely attached them onto a stretch elastic ponytail holder (no metal).  Approximately 7.5" on each side.

To wear:  gather hair together and slip the ponytail holder over/through.  Keep the knot on top.  Then twist like you would normally do to put your hair through the ponytail holder.  You can also put your hair in a ponytail and then wrap this ponytail ribbon around the existing ponytail.

Not All Accessories Are Created Equal

Every Missy Moo Designs product is hand-crafted with love, care and an incredible attention to detail.  From design to production, we have made these products to last.  We are an industry leader for how we sew, glue, wrap and heat-seal each one.  Not only will our products last through all the daily rough and tumbles, they will also be ready to pass down to younger siblings. 
Missy Moo Designs products are made to last.